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WEC Projects sewage treatment vs septic tanks

The differences between sewage treatment plants and septic tanks are not as obvious as one might think because, in fact, they both dispose of waste ...

Conventional water treatment plant

Conventional Water Treatment Plants for Rural Communities

WEC Projects has the distinction of having deployed hundreds of packaged treatment systems into the continent of Africa over the last decade and can truly...

sludge plant

WEC Projects perfects their annular conventional activated sludge plant

WEC Projects, one of the leading EPC contractors in the water sector in South Africa has had many years to perfect one of their products that has proven t...

The Nereda Cycle

WEC Projects begins commissioning on the highly anticipated Hartebeestfontein Nereda Plant

WEC Projects is the exclusive licensee for the exciting and proven Nereda technology for wastewater treatment. The WEC Projects team excited at the prospe...