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WEC Projects Providing Wastewater Treatment Solutions in Swaziland

WEC Projects is currently involved in an exciting project in Swaziland, providing sustainable wastewater treatment solutions for the town, Nhlangano. By assi...

Aerobic Granular Biomass

Advancing Beyond Activated Sludge With Aerobic Granular Biomass

One of our key goals for the WEC Projects Facebook page in August 2018 was to explain a bit more about our aeration processes used to treat wastewater. Basic...

Sewage Treatment Technology

Which Sewage Treatment Technology And Process Is Best?

There are many different technology and process options for sewage treatment available...

Water Treatment Solutions for the Mining Industry

Site-Specific Water Treatment Solutions for the Mining Industry

The need for a formulated solution for water treatment in the mining industry is threefold: it needs to be developed with mining regulations in mind, it need...