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activated sludge wastewater management

Understanding Activated Sludge Wastewater Management: A Process Overview

Activated sludge wastewater management systems are among the most commonly (and successfully) used wastewater systems today, but there is also a great variet...

Do You Know How Valuable Water Really Is?

You can survive for weeks without food, but without water you’d be lucky to last a day. That may sound grim, but it’s true. Even more alarming than that is t...

packaged water treatment plant

Discover the Advantages of Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants

Water and wastewater treatment on the African continent plays a vital role in various areas of compliance and good practice. One of the greatest challenges i...

bulk sewage treatment, conventional water treatment, water treatment plant company

Bulk Sewage Treatment Facilities to Benefit the Community

In South Africa, there are many systems in place to ensure that its people have access to water and sanitation. Among these is the Free Basic Sanitation (FBS...