Chemical water treatment solutions

WEC Projects’ offerings encompass the full spectrum of water treatment for chemical production possibilities for upfront purification to wastewater and sludge management.

The chemical industry requires adherence to the most stringent specifications for chemical makeup and the wastewater from the chemical production plants often contain high concentrations of organic and inorganic substances. This means that chemical production wastewater contains a wide range of substances that are toxic and cannot be easily degraded. It has been necessary to invest in cleaner technologies and in treatments that are more effective.

The strength of the WEC engineering team allows for bespoke treatment plants which are customised to meet client requirements for chemical water treatment processes, space constraints and availability. The plug-and-play theology utilised by WEC allows for efficient installation and commissioning and a reduction in costly client downtime.

Petrochemical industries

Resource recovery and water reuse from chemical wastewater are key focus areas for client profit optimisation and are a constant driver in the WEC methodology. Value engineering is front-of-mind in all aspects of the design and implementation of projects with increased focus on operational cost savings and potential profits from existing waste streams.

WEC offerings within the treatment of industrial water include:

Operation and Maintenance Solutions

Full operational support of our client’s water and wastewater plants is available through WECAssist, our operations and maintenance team. These professional engineers will ensure uninterrupted operation and management of your chemical water treatment plant. 

Additionally, our WEC Assist  team will ensure that our clients’ staff receive the training they need to run the systems optimally with appropriate water treatment maintenance solutions.

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