Food and beverage water treatment solutions

We are here to assist clients in the food and beverage industry who require water treatment and wastewater management solutions to treat the incoming municipal water supply or to remove pollutants for the safe discharge of wastewater.

In order to safeguard brand name and reputation, beverage manufacturers need to ensure that they meet local municipal standards with respect to the discharge of wastewater. Clients in the beverage industry rely on water treatment and wastewater management solutions to treat the incoming municipal water supply or to remove pollutants for the safe discharge of wastewater.

When done through a reputable water treatment plant solutions provider, manufacturers are able to maintain stringent food grade standards throughout the production process. Using a case study, from a project with a leading beverage manufacturer, a clear description of the processes and benefits that are provided by WEC Projects can be evaluated and properly understood in order to get a clear picture of the turnkey solutions that are implemented.

Understanding the clients’ needs and wants

First, the water treatment plant manufacturer needs to look into the challenges that are being faced, what they need and want, as well as what needs to be changed in the existing processes based on weaknesses and local regulations. Beverage manufacturers have certain needs that must be met in order to meet food grade standards and comply with local municipal regulations. This is the need of the client, however there are often individual wants included in the request as well.

Another example is a request for partial re-use of a client’s wastewater, this has the benefits of both reducing their water footprint and saving on the cost of purchasing raw water from the municipality. By first assessing these requirements and additional wants, WEC is then able to provide a fully customised turnkey solution for each client.

Getting technical

The processes behind providing wastewater management and water treatment solutions, through the use of various technologies, is best understood through technical explanation. For beverage companies to maintain their brands’ standard they need a treatment process that will ensure the quality of the final product. Therefore, when treating municipal supplied water or ground or surface water sources, there needs to be a treatment process in place which removes any undesired suspended material, dissolved ions, organic matter and microorganisms.

Where to get these solutions?

Project development from pre-sales planning, to implementation, right on through to comprehensive after-sales services, WEC Projects, a specialist solutions provider in the water treatment industry, offers clients the entire solution. With a multidisciplinary team comprised of engineers, project managers, and a service and product support division, WEC provides turnkey solutions. We also provide full operational support of client’s water and wastewater plants, allowing clients to focus on their core business, while the experts handle the rest.

WEC Assist

WEC Projects offers WEC Assist which understands that in certain instances there is a lack of resources and/or expertise to properly operate and maintain packaged water and wastewater treatment works.

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