Residential and Commercial Developments

From site audits and inspections to water usage optimisation and recycling, we cover your commercial and residential requirements.

South Africa uses more than 80% of its available water each year. Such situations severely threaten national water security and economic growth — especially in a country does not have adequate water-management plans in place.

If our current rate of water usage continues, demand is likely to exceed supply in the near future. If South Africa experiences another drought period, water shortages will become acute and could result in water rationing as we have seen in the past.

WEC Projects provides you with all your water efficiency and optimisation needs for your buildings.

We offer the following benefits

residential and commercial solutions

To achieve this, site audits are conducted in order to inspect current or proposed environments. Following on from these recommendations, we can provide various solutions (such as effective toilet flushing devices, flow reduction taps, smart metering, etc.). We then take it a step further, with the ability to recycle and recover grey/black water that can then be turned into water for irrigation or even drinking water.

WEC Assist carries out a lot of the operations of the commercial and residential services, backup maintenance, including auditing, water usage optimisation, etc.

Services & Solutions

Below are services we provide, along with the solutions we offer:

Site Audits

  • Quick assessment with a utility bill

    by sending us your 12-month utility bills, helps to get an idea of water usage and costs

  • Site visits

    to count toilets / showers / taps / etc. to assist with costing to help your facility become more efficient

  • Breakdown matrix is provided

    Estimates what parts sections within the building are using the most water, what percentage goes to which sections and where savings can be made

  • Water sampling

    For existing water amenities – e.g. borehole water used for irrigation, which is analysed for recommendations

Building Water Usage Optimisation

  • Toilet flush devices

    Various water-saving flush devices offered

  • Flow reduction taps

    Various water-saving taps offered

  • Air conditioner condensation harvesting

    Services to harvest and use the water from air conditioners

  • Drip irrigation systems

    Drip irrigation is a system of hoses, nozzles, sprinklers, and tubes that deliver the proper amount of water to each plant, which helps you avoid both under- and overwatering

  • Smart-water metering

    Track your live water consumption and receive instant leak detection and over/under usage notifications as well as integration into the billing system. This is particularly helpful for commercial developments (shopping centres, office blocks) and residential estates and buildings

Backend Optimisation / Recycling

  • Greywater recycling

    Irrigation water being used within the facility is assessed and/or optimised to use for other uses within the facility

  • Blackwater recycling

    Same as greywater recycling but more treatment processes are used, which turns blackwater (wastewater) into greywater

  • Rainwater harvesting

    Rainwater is collected, treated and then used for irrigation / non-potable purposes / gardens / etc.

  • Greywater or blackwater to drinking water

    In areas where no local drinking water is provided, this wastewater can be treated up to drinking water using treatment processes such as aerobic, ultrafiltration (reverse osmosis) methods

Case Study

40% Water Bill Savings Per Month

Recently, a borehole project in Ekhaya Junction, a private off-campus student housing development located in Pretoria West, was completed. Home to over 2,000 students, the project was able to save the client over 40% on their R 400,000 water utility bill each month.

The project entailed an audit and water sampling, which led to setting up the correct filtration, pipework and storage tanks.

Ekhaya Junction Buildings

WEC Assist

WEC Projects offers WEC Assist which understands that in certain instances there is a lack of resources and/or expertise to properly operate and maintain packaged water and wastewater treatment works.

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