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WEC Helps Companies Keep it Clean

Advanced Water-Purification Technology from WEC Projects Helping Companies Keep it Clean

WEC Projects is helping industrial clients purify their waste water streams through the use of Submerged Membrane Bio-Reactor technology. “Our industrial clients take the environment and their responsibilities towards it very seriously. They wanted a solution that made the best use of available water purification technology and WEC Projects’ submerged membrane bioreactor plants were a natural choice,” said Graham Hartlett, Sales & Marketing Manager of WEC Projects. These plants use biodegradation as well as physical separation to remove waste products from water. WEC Projects replaced clarifier, sand filter and disinfection processes by installing hightech ultra-filtration membranes. This system takes up less space than the older technology and provides superior results across a range of effluent types and concentrations. It is a stable system with the benefit of reduced maintenance. In addition, a complete plant has the advantage of a smaller footprint. The plants are generally placed on a simple concrete slab and can be commissioned within days. WEC Projects also provides training should the client wish to undertake its own maintenance and running activities.