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Advancing Beyond Activated Sludge With Aerobic Granular Biomass

Aerobic Granular Biomass
One of our key goals for the WEC Projects Facebook page in August 2018 was to explain a bit more about our aeration processes used to treat wastewater. Basically, with aeration we add oxygen to the effluent to assist the bacteria in their work of biodegrading organic waste matter. This has proven extremely effective in many of our packaged water treatment plant installations.

Leading on from aeration, WEC Projects is the exclusive Nereda® licensee in South Africa, and Nereda makes use of aerobic granular biomass, which we will discuss further hereunder:

What is aerobic granular biomass?

Aerobic granular biomass/sludge is essentially a grouping of microbes which act together to remove various pollutants (such as nitrogen and phosphorous). This differs from conventional activated sludge water treatment plants in that the bacteria used to purify the water are naturally concentrated and provide a more varied, compact and efficient solution.

Where would this be most useful?

Firstly, these water treatment plants are especially useful in settings with limited resources and space. Because aerobic granular biomass allows for the purifying of a large variety of contaminants, a single-tank solution is possible. This saves on the amount of space needed for installation (with up to a 75% footprint saving) and provides up to twice the energy efficiency when compared with conventional activated sludge options.

As a specialist in implementing containerised water treatment plants, WEC Projects is also able to install Nereda® as a solution to expanding existing municipal wastewater treatment plants. An example of this would be to extend an activated sludge plant with a hybrid capacity extension.

This hybrid capacity extension allows for part of the raw sewage to be handled by the Nereda® plant while the rest is handled by the activated sludge plant. The advantage here is that excess granular biomass can be fed into the activated sludge system to help improve its settling properties, capacity and effluent quality.

Are there any other advantages in using Nereda® plants?

Indeed there are. Our Nereda® installations, while providing excellent effluent quality in a highly efficient manner, they are also easy to operate. This ease of operation means that with some training from our expert staff the plants can be run effectively, with minimum staff, once the installation is complete. If further help is needed after plant commissioning, our operations and maintenance division, WECAssist, is available to assist.

Get in touch with us to find out more about what WEC Projects can do for your packaged wastewater treatment plant needs in Africa. We operate throughout the continent. With our expertise and experience we will provide you with the ideal solution.