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Biogas – The Unsung Energy Hero

As the threat of global warming becomes an increasingly hot topic, many are looking for alternative sources of power, which will reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. In a country like South Africa where our public provider, Eskom, is under immense pressure to deliver, finding alternative sources is even more of a pressing issue. Enter Biogas!

Biogas is a natural by-product of sludge treatment on a sewage treatment facility and can be turned into energy to supplement electricity needs on the plant site, taking huge strain off Eskom. At WEC Projects, we provide turnkey solutions for biogas to energy projects along with our other water and sewage treatment services. We have provided such turnkey biogas to energy projects for municipalities, landfill sites, the agricultural industry and within various industrial applications.

Unlike many traditional sources of energy, biogas is renewable. The biogas produced from treating sewage sludge is an opportunity fuel that will only cease once we stop producing waste. By utilising biogas in a biogas to energy plant, you avoid flaring this gas to atmosphere where it will further damage our fragile ozone layer.

If you’re interested in making your operations more eco-friendly while also reducing your dependency on coal generated electricity, get in touch with us today to discuss our turnkey solutions.