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Bulk Sewage Treatment Facilities to Benefit the Community

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In South Africa, there are many systems in place to ensure that its people have access to water and sanitation. Among these is the Free Basic Sanitation (FBSan) policy, which requires that every household has access to basic sanitation and the guidelines in the Water Services Act and Municipal Systems Act are followed.

Implementations of Policies and Acts for Sanitation and Water

The Water Services Act is defined by the document itself as a means to ensure that:

“the right of access to basic water supply and the right to basic sanitation necessary to secure sufficient water and an environment not harmful to human health or well-being.”

An important part of ensuring all communities have this access is making sure they have access to both conventional water treatment and bulk sewage treatment. The Water Services Act defines the basic sanitation all people have a right to as:

“The prescribed minimum standard of services necessary for the safe, hygienic and adequate collection, removal, disposal or purification of human excreta, domestic wastewater and sewage from households, including informal households.”

Bulk Sewage Treatment to Meet Basic Sanitation Requirements

Decentralised bulk sewage treatments are essential to the regulations set by the Water Services Act. The force with which these policies is implied varies depending on location. One should note, however, that different locations require different water solutions to be adopted because they quickly become outdated. Above the ground and bulk sewage treatment projects from WEC Projects have already changed so many lives, so why stop there. Packaged sewer treatment plants for basic sanitation needs are a viable and effective option for reaching communities who would otherwise be without water or sanitation services. For this and more water and sanitation installation services contact us at WEC Projects.