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Nereda® Plant at Hartebeestfontein WWTWs

water & sewage treatment

WEC Projects will be commissioning the groundbreaking Nereda® plant for ERWAT very soon. This is the first Nereda® plant for Gauteng and promises to be South Africa’s showcase Nereda®.

What makes this project interesting? We were able to extend the main Hartebeestfontein WWTWs by 5ML/day without the need for any major new civil structures to be erected. This is due to Nereda® being excellent retrofit technology.

Nereda® is an advanced biological wastewater treatment system that purifies wastewater using aerobic granular sludge. As the sole licensee of this innovative technology in South Africa, WEC Projects is excited to see it contribute to solving the backlog in sanitation infrastructure in the country.

Nereda® requires much less space than conventional activated sludge plants, saving more than 50% when compared to conventional systems. Furthermore, Nereda® is extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption; partly due to its one-tank design – all nutrient removal zones, aeration zone and clarification are in one single tank.

We are sure this is the first of many Nereda® projects in Gauteng.