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Pipeline Power

Increasing emphasis is being placed on environmental sustainability, as climate change is becoming a more pressing matter across the world. One of the most contentious topics in this area is power sources. Currently, most of the world’s electricity is generated using some form of fossil fuel, which is not a renewable source and can have devastating effects on the environment. The need, therefore, exists for environmentally friendly sources of electricity. As you may already know, there are many renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines, solar panels and more. These are fantastic, as they have very little impact on the environment. However, they do have their downsides, including being dependent on ideal weather conditions to work efficiently. We, therefore, need a more reliable source of renewable energy. The good news is that such a resource is already being used and has been right under our noses for centuries. A company in Portland, Oregon, has developed a solution to the problem of weather-dependent resources in the form of a turbine that fits into existing pipelines. The flow of water causes the turbine to spin, generating kinetic energy that is then turned into electricity. In fact, there are many different types of turbines from various manufacturers that can be utilised in these applications. Benefits: Energy generated through this method can be used to power industrial plants, municipalities, mining sites and more, or fed back into the grid and sold to Eskom for an additional income. For more information, contact us today!