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Be a Proactive Water Saver

Did you know? — South Africa produced an average of 800 million litres of sewage every day in 2016. Wastewater treatment plants in South Africa are processing an astronomical amount of water, and millions of litres thereof is actually clean water that has been wasted. With the severity of the water crisis in Cape Town these statistics are even more alarming, and the need for more efficient wastewater management is apparent.

Install cistern displacement devices

Every time you flush your toilet it uses around nine litres of water. That sounds like a massive amount, because it is. If you flush every time you use the toilet, you could use up the Capetonian water limit of 50 litres per day in just five flushes – and that’s without using any other water. Dual flush toilets give you the option of smaller or larger volume flushes, which does help to reduce water usage. Cistern displacement devices offer effective wastewater management and conservation with every flush. These devices operate in various ways, but the basic concept is that they take up space in the cistern to displace the water. This ensures that less water is filled into the cistern after each flush, as the ball float lifts sooner. This can effectively save one litre of water per flush from unnecessarily heading through for wastewater treatment.

Put your bath water to good use

Every time you fill up a bath, it’s another good few litres of water used. Although showering has been proven to be more efficient than bathing, you can make up for this by using your bath water for more than just bathing. Bucket your bath water out once you are finished with it and use this to water your lawn or garden. If you don’t use any harmful soaps or chemicals, you could even use this water for your vegetable garden, saving water and growing some healthy crops.

Fix dripping taps immediately

Dripping taps have been an issue for generations, and you probably have at least one memory of being yelled at for leaving a tap running. This particular mistake can end up wasting between at least 10 and 20 litres of water per day! So responsible wastewater management means making certain on a daily basis that you close every tap in the house. Also be sure to check for leaks. These may all seem like little things, but if every person saves even one litre per day that is a reduction of nearly 56 million litres of water going to wastewater treatment plants in South Africa. The reality is that effective wastewater management at all levels can make a huge difference in water conservation efforts, which is why WEC Projects has invested so much time in this. Contact us to see what we can do to make a difference.