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Site-Specific Water Treatment Solutions for the Mining Industry

Water Treatment Solutions for the Mining Industry
The need for a formulated solution for water treatment in the mining industry is threefold: it needs to be developed with mining regulations in mind, it needs to provide a sustainable system for life of mine plans, and it should comply with the legal operational requirements of the Department of Water and Sanitation. Through extensive research and equipped with industry experience, WEC projects develops and implements feasible water treatment solutions with wastewater treatment plants and feasible reuse systems. What differentiates WEC Projects from other competitors is that we have become experts in various industries which guarantees the success of implementing systems which comply with the relevant industry regulations, while also boasting maximum productivity for the specific industry.

Developing Site-Specific Solutions

As an experienced provider of turnkey water treatment solutions, offering operations and maintenance services, WEC Projects first needs to engage with the client in order to discern the exact needs and wants of the client, and to consolidate with site and industry specific requirements and regulations. This focus on developing customer-centric and site-specific solutions means that systems unique to each mine are implemented for the most effective return on investment for the individual client. We know that minimising the impact on local water resources is a high priority in the mining industry, and we take this into consideration. This means that solutions for water reuse presented by WEC projects aim to fulfil the goal of minimising water resource overuse, through cost-effective solutions for the client.

Implementing Water Treatment Systems

The services offered by WEC Projects are not limited to developing and consulting on the initial design of the project. The water treatment and wastewater treatment plants are delivered to each site, and implemented, to ensure maximum performance and effectivity. The solutions that are implemented into mines range from treating wastewater, to remove heavy metal compounds and to minimise the impact on local water resources, all the way to installing entire packaged plants for the supply of drinking water and the treatment of sewage. These systems are implemented in line with regulatory compliance standards and are designed for ease-of-installation which minimises the time that needs to be spent on site to deploy the systems.

Empowering Clients with Post-Implementation Maintenance Solutions

Once the systems have been installed, tested, and set for optimal performance, WEC Projects through its division, WECAssist, aims to provide its clients, with a full range of services to ensure optimal performance of the installed solutions. These services include:
  • Operation and maintenance of treatment facilities
  • Process and technical support
  • Supply of spares
  • Supply of specialty chemicals
Through comprehensive after-sales services and technical support, an ongoing partnership is formed with clients whereby full-operational support for the client’s water and wastewater plants is offered in order to give clients the opportunity to focus on their own operations.