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What Are the Duties and Values of Wastewater Treatment Plant Contractors?

effluent treatment plant contractors

Wastewater treatment plant contractors have an obligation to ensure that all wastewater is treated according to industry standards and can be safely disposed of. Their duties and values will determine the success of the project, its estimated lifespan and whether it complies with specific industry regulations. In order to ensure that that they achieve these objectives, wastewater treatment experts, such as our professionals at WEC Projects, should follow certain procedures and promote specific values.

What processes do our experts follow in order to guarantee a successful outcome?

WEC Consults

We kick off every project with in-depth, comprehensive consultation services in order to determine what the client wants and needs to achieve an effective, best-practice wastewater treatment solution, unique to their industry requirements. By consulting with our clients, we ensure that all problems will be solved with a unique solution, as not all situations are alike.

WEC Designs

After determining what the client wants and needs, as well as what their industry regulations stipulate, we design a site-specific solution. All components of the solution are designed by us, from the chemicals used to the mechanical equipment.

WEC Delivers

We do not only design the solution, we deliver, commission and install all project components. Our products are delivered and installed quickly in order to ensure minimal disruption to your operations, as well as to get your project up and running with an effective wastewater treatment solution rapidly.

WEC Maintains

As part of our valuable services, our WEC Assist team gives clients the maintenance plan they require for their solutions to have a longer lifespan while continuously pushing the best outcome. Our maintenance and operations model ensures that you will not be left with difficult maintenance requirements and that your system will be kept in a working condition.

At WEC Projects, we uphold all duties and values that wastewater treatment plant contractors should, and we go beyond these and our call of duty to ensure clients are satisfied with our solutions. Contact us for more information on what we can offer you.