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What Sets Us Apart from Other Water Treatment Companies in South Africa?

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The solutions and services offered by WEC Projects are all designed in order to offer value that goes above and beyond that offered by other water treatment companies in South Africa. At WEC Projects, we strive to deliver products and experiences that are a cut above the rest. We believe that through our diverse range of solutions, such as our site-specific packaged water treatment plants, and through our focus on post-project maintenance and support, we have a whole lot more to offer.

Diverse Range of Solutions

Our diverse range of products and services offer various industries the solutions they need to achieve effective water treatment, responsible waste water treatment and renewable energy management. Among our products are customised containerised drinking water plants, as well as Nereda® treatment technology, which is exclusive to WEC. Other solutions offered by WEC Projects include:

  • Industrial Water Treatment Solutions
  • Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Anaerobic Digestion Technology for the Generation of Biogas
  • Advanced Membrane Technology
  • Modern Water’s All Membrane Brine Concentrator (AMBC) technology
  • Thermal Evaporation/Crystallization Technology for treating brine concentrates and saline solutions
  • Sludge Beneficiation
  • Renewable Energy

Operations and Maintenance

Our WEC Assist service supplies our clients with solutions that go beyond system design and installation. We leave our clients with the resources to operate and maintain water treatment plants and wastewater treatment systems. Our WEC Assist services are available for all of our clients, from municipal works to industrial scale water and wastewater treatment plants. This complete solution allows clients to focus on their core responsibilities while they know that the day-to-day concerns of their treatment works are being dealt with efficiently. Ongoing maintenance and best practice is important in order to avoid an overflow in problems, as seen locally.

Wide Footprint

WEC Projects has a wide footprint of clients, who have had a number of site-specific water and waste water treatment solutions designed, installed and maintained by our industry experts. We have a long track record of satisfied clients across the African content, this gives us the opportunity to conduct further business and build more relationships across the globe.

If you want to see what sets us apart from other water treatment companies in South Africa for yourself, contact us and let us show you what makes us different.