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Turnkey Water Treatment Plants: A Package Deal For Cleaner Water

We are becoming increasingly aware of the need to take better care of the precious resource that is water. There are many organisations fighting for better water and wastewater treatment, as well as more responsible usage. That is why at WEC Projects we are dedicated to delivering quality turnkey packaged water treatment plants.

What is a turnkey water treatment plant?

Turnkey water treatment plants are package deals, in a manner of speaking. With turnkey projects, in any industry, the manufacturer delivers a completed product for a fixed, lump sum cost. While the client generally pays this in staggered payments according to the progress of the project, the total remains fixed.

What makes turnkey plants better?

One of the main risks that keeps many companies from investing in building wastewater plants is the cost, which includes the risk of unexpected and hidden costs.   The way you get around this here is that turnkey projects have a fixed total cost, as mentioned above, and that does not change. Also, if there are extra costs incurred that fall outside of the scope of your contract, it falls to the contractor to carry those costs.   This means that you have a greater guarantee of a completed product without the risk of projects being left incomplete and finances dried up. Also, as many companies are wary of the extra costs, the fact that this is avoided helps to a large extent as well.

Get the exact solution you need

Building on the benefit of receive a completed product (or facility in this case), you also get exactly what you need. If you need a plant to treat wastewater, or to deliver potable water, you can specify these requirements.   At WEC Projects we specialise in provide exactly these kinds of turnkey packaged water treatment plants to suit whatever need there is. With years of experience installing treatment plants all over Africa, with WEC Projects you also gain the benefit of our expertise and integrity.   Contact us with any questions you may have. You can also read our media articles for more interesting facts.