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WEC Projects Providing Wastewater Treatment Solutions in Swaziland

WEC Projects is currently involved in an exciting project in Swaziland, providing sustainable wastewater treatment solutions for the town, Nhlangano. By assisting with the mechanical design of the new wastewater treatment plant and by supplying, installing as well as commissioning the mechanical equipment, WEC Projects is set on delivering a turnkey solution across borders.

The Challenge

At the moment, Nhlangano’s wastewater infrastructure cannot accommodate the effluent requirements of the population. This is a problem often seen across Africa as the populations of small towns increase, and ageing wastewater infrastructure can no longer accommodate the increased effluent treatment requirements, which therefore puts existing systems at full capacity. Like many rural towns across the continent, Nhlangano needed a sustainable solution in order to increase capacity.

The Solution

In order to increase capacity for the growing effluent treatment requirements, WEC Projects is assisting with the mechanical design, supply, installation and commissioning of mechanical equipment for the new wastewater treatment plant. WEC Projects is providing a full project management service for the execution of the mechanical scope of this project. The new wastewater plant will not only provide additional treatment capacity, but is also designed to meet the wastewater discharge standards of Swaziland, thereby protecting the environment.   Currently this wastewater treatment plant is being constructed with commissioning planned for the middle of 2019.

WEC Goes the Extra Mile

Not only are the engineers of WEC Projects providing a mechanical solution for the project, but they are also offering other value-added services. These services include operational assistance, training, and maintenance, which will also be offered, once the plant is completed. WEC Projects therefore provides a full turnkey solution and service, which promotes the sustainability and longevity of their project deployments.