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What Problems Can Wastewater Design & Build Contractors Help Us Solve?

wastewater design & build contractors

Professional wastewater design & build contractors can empower public and private entities with the solutions they need to solve minor and major water treatment concerns. Design & build contractors do more than simply offer advice, they implement a process whereby they:

  • Assess and Research
  • Make a Diagnosis
  • Make Recommendations
  • Implement the Solution
  • Manage the Project within Budget and Time
  • Facilitate Maintenance & Training

By achieving the above objectives, design & build contractors are able to deliver a service that goes beyond offering advice. They solve all the problems experienced by the client with a viable solution.

Increased Treatment Demands

Increased water treatment demands effect a variety of municipalities and industries, from growing populations in select towns to privately-owned mines increased in capacity due to project requirements. In order to address an increase in capacity, design & build contractors are able to recommend and implement a system that will help increase overall capacity.

Find out how we recently solved increased treatment demands for a mine in Lesotho and a community in Swaziland.

Ground-Up System Design

Not only can contractors improve on existing infrastructure, they can also help clients across various industries design and implement an entirely new treatment plant from the ground up. They can recommend best-practice implementation and use their experience in multiple industries to design a system that will meet all site-specific regulations.

System & Energy Optimisation

Aside from assisting clients in getting a fully-functioning treatment plant up and running, design & build contractors can further supplement these solutions with optimised solutions. If economically viable, they can offer the option of resource and energy recovery from wastewater. These systems reduce treatment costs and minimise the water and environmental footprints of production facilities.

Maintenance Solutions

Design & build contractors will also never leave their clients without the capacity to properly run and maintain their new plants. Professional engineers and project managers, like those found here at WEC Projects, ensure that their clients’ staff receives the training they need to run the systems optimally, and they give them proper maintenance solutions.

Contact us at WEC Projects to find out how we can help you implement and optimise your water and wastewater treatment solutions the WEC way.