Operations & Maintenance

WEC Projects offers WEC Assist which understands that in certain instances there is a lack of resources and/or expertise to properly operate and maintain packaged water and wastewater treatment works.

Customised operations and maintenance scope based on the needs of the client


WEC Projects understands that in certain instances there is a lack of resources and/or expertise to properly operate and maintain packaged water and wastewater treatment works. Therefore we decided to expand our business in order to deliver a complete and holistic solution for our clients.We have done this by not only supplying our clients with the physical treatment plant, but also by providing the client with Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services which are customised for their specific needs, based on the treatment solution provided and the extent of their available operational and maintenance resources.

This way we provide the client with peace of mind that the plant will be operated properly and will perform according to its design.Our O&M service is not limited to the operations of WEC Projects installations. All water treatment plants and domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, from small community plants to municipal works, are eligible for our service.

WEC Assist Services

  • Appointment of process controllers
  • Treatment works surveys and feedback reports by process engineers/technologists
  • Sample analysis and interpretation
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Process optimisation
  • Operations and maintenance manual preparation or updating
  • Process controller training
  • General plant servicing and upgrading
  • Supplying of spares (electrical, mechanical, instrumentation)

Scope of Inclusions

WEC Projects can supply the complete O&M solution for your treatment works from appointment of daily operators and management of staff, to sample analysis and mechanical maintenance. This complete solution allows clients to focus on their core responsibilities while they know that the day-to-day concerns of their treatment works are being dealt with efficiently. We strive to provide a client-specific combination of services which complement any resources the client may already have in place. This is to ensure the treatment plant has an appropriate O&M plan and procedure that provides surety of optimal performance.

Community and environment

We recognise the importance of ensuring the health and wellbeing of our community and environment. The related pressures from environmental agencies and municipalities the like outline our requirement to pay attention to the performance of water and wastewater treatment facilities. Historically we have observed that the operations and maintenance of plants are inadequate – particularly the sewage treatment plants. This could be result of an out of sight, out of mind attitude towards the plants as the direct impact of the quality of effluents on the plant owners is rarely apparent. We have noticed that as clients become more aware of their environmental responsibility, as well as the cost benefit of appropriate operations and maintenance plans, getting support from WEC Projects becomes non-negotiable.

Future benefits and savings due to operations and maintenance plans

Energy saving occurs through optimised operation

Asset management reduces or even eliminates plant shutdowns

Expensive mechanical equipment is replaced

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