Sludge Beneficiation

WEC Projects offers package and turnkey solutions by integrating world class OEM equipment.

Sludge Beneficiation Solutions


In addition to being able to offer package and turnkey solutions by integrating world class OEM equipment, our Sludge division has also secured exclusive rights to the Struvex® technology on the continent. Struvex® is a unique and patented process for the extraction of struvite from digester sludge to create a valuable resource from your waste stream. This, along with the potential to generate a bio-solid from sewage sludge, makes every treatment plant a potential factory to turn your cost centre into a profit centre.

Areas of speciality:

  •  Digester design, refurbishment, mixing, heating and operations
  • Struvite removal and recovery
  • Dewatering
  • Drying and sludge beneficiation
  • Bio-solids production
  • Sludge system operations – digesters, dewatering, drying

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