Nereda® by RHDHV

Sustainable and cost-effective large-scale sewage treatment

Nereda® Sewage Treatment

Nereda® is an innovative and advanced biological wastewater treatment technology that purifies wastewater using the unique features of aerobic granular biomass. Contrary to conventional processes, the purifying bacteria concentrate naturally in compact granules and have superb settling properties.

As a result of the large variety of biological processes that simultaneously take place in the granular biomass, Nereda® is capable of producing excellent effluent quality. Extensive biological phosphorus and nitrogen reduction is an intrinsic attribute of this technology.

WEC Projects - An Exclusive South African Nereda® licensee

Nereda® provides compact and easy-to-operate installations for municipal sewage treatment and is the inevitable solution for green field projects or even projects intended to extend existing municipal sewage treatment plants.

Nereda® Benefits

  • 1 tank solution (therefore no need for clarifiers)

  • Green field, retrofit and hybrid applications

  • Significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX

  • Up to 75% saving in footprint

  • Up to 50% saving in energy consumption

  • Superb settling characteristics that's easy to operate

  • Simultaneous biological Nitrogen and Phosphorus removal

  • Pure biomass with no support media required

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