NEWgenerator™ Off-grid Sanitation Device

An off-grid sewage treatment system, developed by University of South Florida engineers, that turns wastewater into clean water, energy and nutrients

What is the NEWgenerator™?

The NEWgeneratorTM is a portable, off-grid sanitation system developed by the University of South Florida and now manufactured by WEC Projects as part of the Water Research Commission’s SASTEP programme. The system aims to help rural and smaller communities in Africa with clean sanitation.

Additionally, it operates as a resource recovery unit, eliminating waste while recovering biogas as a renewable energy. It produces nutrients that can be used as fertiliser, and it recycles water to be reused as flush water, creating a closed loop water cycle.

NEWgenerator Overview

The Future of Sanitation in Africa

It is reliable as it operates regardless of temperature, bioactivity, loading and shutdown supplies. It supplies minerals and nutrients that are removed from the wastewater with membrane filtration, safely and hygienically removing bacteria and viruses, and is ideal for crop fertilisation.

Under specific conditions biogas from waste product digestion is collected for power use (e.g. cooking, heating).

The system is housed in a lockable container and can be upgraded with security features for remote locations. The system can recycle between 1100 litres and 5500 litres per day of flush water, depending on the model.

NEWgenerator™ Benefits

Compact, portable and modular

It is a compact, portable and modular sewage treatment solution incorporating an anaerobic digester to treat the sewage using microorganisms to break down the waste.

Water Treatment Without Grid Power

It is energy efficient and operates using solar power but can also be connected to the conventional power grid, making it ideal for use in remote areas where power infrastructure is either unreliable or non-existent.

NEWgeneratorTM off-grid sanitation South Africa
NEWgenerator™ Off-grid Sanitation Released in Soweto – South Africa

Able to serve a large community

The NEWgenerator™ can be retrofitted to an existing ablution block and a can service 100 to 1,350 users.

Fertiliser and biogas from waste by-products

The nutrient-rich waste is an ideal crop fertiliser that can be used by local small-scale subsistence farmers, creating a sustainable food source. Additionally, biogas can be harvested and utilised for domestic purposes such as lighting, cooking and heating.

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