WEC Projects Supplies New Sewage Treatment Plants for Ghana Developments

Kumawu trickle filter-plant-installation

New Hospitals to Benefit from Model E Trickle Filter Plant for Wastewater Treatment

The treatment plants will be installed at the Kumawu District Hospital, a new medical facility being built in the Sekyere Kumawu District, and the Fomena District Hospital, also a new facility located in the Adansi North District. WEC Projects is supplying the Model E trickle filter plant for both hospitals, designed to treat an average of 90m3 per day. Raw sewage is fed into the plant’s screenings box before arriving at the three-chamber below ground septic tank where anaerobic pre-treatment takes place. The wastewater then flows into a recycle sump equipped with vortex pumps with a transfer rate of 25m3 per hour across the trickle filter.

Pictured below is the Model E biological trickle filtration plant during installation at the Fomena District Hospital in the Adansi North District, Ghana.

The trickle filter itself is housed in two double-stacked 12m, refurbished shipping containers. The wastewater flows down through the trickle filter media. Biofilm formed on the trickle filter media breaks down COD and nitrifies the wastewater. The wastewater is collected in a basin at the bottom of the trickle filter media and transferred to the clarifier. Phosphorous is removed from the wastewater by dosing ferric chloride upstream of the clarifier.

The water then undergoes disinfection using chlorine to meet the required effluent discharge standards before being discharged into the environment. All process control instrumentation and electrics are housed in a six-metre refurbished shipping container. The self-contained plants are fully fabricated in South Africa, minimising installation time on site.

Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Solution for Sekondi-Takoradi Apartment Complex

The apartment complex, located in the coastal city of Sekondi-Takoradi, is a smaller system with a current flow rate of 16m3 per day of effluent which will increase once it reaches its peak flow rate. It features a trickle filter system similar to those of the two hospitals, although on a smaller scale, in a standalone tower. The plant will treat domestic wastewater and has been designed to blend into the aesthetics and colour of the apartment complex design as well as to reduce its overall footprint and to avoid contact with nearby overhead power lines.

Trickle tower technology was chosen for these projects due to its scalability, simple design and low maintenance and, operating requirements.

Ashly Forster, Project Manager at WEC Projects

Says Ashly Forster, Project Manager at WEC Projects, “As these are new plants, the initial flow rate of untreated sewage will be low due to the low occupancy. This will build up over a short time, allowing the plants to operate more effectively as the biofilm begins to propagate.”

“A five-person team from WEC Projects installed the plants and provided training to operators during the commissioning stage. Trickle tower technology was chosen for these projects due to its scalability, low maintenance, operating requirements and simple design. A single operator can oversee and control the plant which is extremely reliable with a long operating lifespan. Ensuring that these plants remain operating efficiently is particularly important in order to ensure that no untreated wastewater enters the environment.”

Adds Forster, “Our WEC Assist division will offer to provide operations and maintenance support where necessary as well as chemicals, consumables and spares when required.”

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