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Generate Clean Energy While Cleaning Up Your Wastewater

Most of us in South Africa are tuned into the current water crisis in the Western Cape, because we know it affects the entire country. But it wasn’t so long ago that we were focused on the energy crisis, facing load-shedding on a daily basis in many areas. At WEC Projects we’ve been keeping our eyes on the big picture, and our turnkey wastewater treatment plants offer a viable renewable energy production solution in many areas.  

Biogas fuel for heating and electricity generation

  We’re all aware of the great strides being made in green, clean energy production, and one of the most intriguing solutions to arise is that of biogas energy. Biogas is generally understood as a gas mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide, which is generated through a process of anaerobic digestion.   What makes biogas such a convenient source of energy is the ease with which it can be found or generated. Some farms have been doing this for years already with abundant organic waste in the form of manure and waste plant matter. Now, if you think about it, how effective could this be if we used the organic matter in wastewater plants in South Africa?  

Turnkey wastewater treatment plants

  We have developed complete turnkey wastewater treatment plant solutions that can be especially useful around landfill and agricultural sites, along with various industrial applications. The advantage of these turnkey wastewater treatment plants is that the scope for manufacturing them includes the capacity for digester gas analysis and conditioning.   The anaerobic digesters implemented here operate by storing the organic matter along with the necessary bacteria in an airtight container. In this container the organic matter is decomposed through hydrolysis, converted into organic acids and from there much of it is converted into methane gas. Modern systems have reported the production of anywhere between 55% and 95% pure methane gas, which can then be used as biogas to generate electricity and heat as needed on site (with the necessary systems, of course).   Aside from providing a clean source of energy, this technology also aids in reducing the total organic load on wastewater treatment plants in South Africa. Given that our population is growing larger by the day, with more organic load being added, this can prove immensely helpful in easing the load on our wastewater treatment plants.  

Where can you find these solutions, and answers to your questions?

  Get in touch with us at WEC Projects and we will be more than happy to fill you in. We are passionate about our role as wastewater treatment plant manufacturers, because we know how it can benefit you and the rest of our country.