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What we do

Industrial Water Treatment Systems

WEC Projects offers a wide range of industrial water treatment systems and services which address the unique water issues of each client and community. Our industrial water treatment systems offer effective water treatment solutions to clients across Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We serve the following industrial markets:

  • Chemical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power
  • Pulp and Paper.

Industrial Water Treatment Services the WEC Way

In order to provide these effective industrial water treatment solutions, WEC Projects makes use of a variety of industry-leading technologies and processes. Our industrial water treatment systems are all designed and commissioned professionally by our highly skilled team to ensure they are delivered on time, within budget and in compliance with stringent safety and environmental specifications to maintain the highest level of service.

Our industrial water treatment solutions assist companies in a variety of markets to optimise their water consumption and to cost effectively treat their wastewater to regulatory requirements. We conduct site investigations, so that we understand the specific requirements of each individual client before we embark on designing and implementing a solution.

Our Focus

Project Management

Our industrial water treatment projects are managed professionally to ensure they are delivered on time, within budget and in compliance with stringent specifications.

Client Service

We customise a scope of work to suit our clients’ requirements and budgets; from complete turnkey contracts to equipment supply only, we are able to accommodate our clients.

Engineering and Design

Our mechanical design team, in conjunction with our professional CAD office, employ an efficient in-house process to apply creative and expertly engineered solutions to the most challenging of scenarios – we engineer excellence.

Installation, Site Work and Commissioning

Fully equipped and well trained site installation teams with an impressive range of tools, vehicles, plant and equipment, complete our installation work locally and abroad.

Industrial Water Treatment Technologies by WEC Projects

Our Industrial Water Treatment Technologies Include:

  • Clarification
  • Filtration
  • Activated Carbon Adsorption
  • Ion Exchange
  • Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis Membrane Separation
  • Evaporation and Crystallisation
  • All Membrane Brine Concentration (AMBC)
  • Anaerobic and Aerobic Biological Processes
  • Sea Water Desalination
  • Sludge Dewatering and Beneficiation
  • Conversion of Biogas to Energy.

In formulating effective industrial water treatment systems, our focus is on recycling and re-using wastewater, wherever feasible. If economically viable, we offer the option of resource and energy recovery from wastewater, thereby reducing treatment costs and minimising the water and environmental footprints of our clients’ production facilities.

Complete Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

We discern ourselves from other industrial water treatment companies by providing customised, personalised and complete solutions to each client. We take a client-centric, site-specific approach to each and every industrial water treatment system we design and implement, keeping in mind the client’s budget, needs and desires. We have exclusive technologies and industry expertise, which sets us apart from other water treatment companies.

We Also Offer the Following Services to Ensure Optimum and Efficient Operation of Our Clients’ Facilities:

  • Operation and Maintenance of Treatment Facilities
  • Process and Technical Support
  • Supply of Spares and Consumables
  • Supply of Speciality Chemicals.